Emotional & Piano

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  • A Strange Feeling

    Stealthy piano sounds and a touching melody played by a large orchestra. This song creates a sharp and intoxicating atmosphere.

  • Everytime I Think Of You

    Piano, keyboards, delicate vocals and an orchestra. With this combination, the song creates a sense of lightness and dreaminess, ending in a powerful finale.

  • The Perfect Moment

    Concise staccato strings accompany this very dynamic and touching piece.

  • Iceland Pt.4-Midnight Sun

    A calm, soulful composition. Piano and strings make you dream. The perfect soundtrack for a quiet video outro.

  • The Yellowtree

    This song inspires and motivates to peak performances. Piano, orchestra and percussion provide the musical garb.

  • Maserati Feeling

    Who does not know: driving a long road with a cool car, enjoying the freedom. With piano, orchestra and drums this song creates exactly this feeling.

  • Finally Free

    The main instrument of this piece is the piano. Supported by an orchestra, it creates a sense of freedom … like a sailing ship on the open sea!

  • Raunags Fate

    After a spherical, gloomy intro, punchy brasses alternate with a sensitive piano melody. The finale convinces with a female voice, orchestra with percussion and a big male choir.

  • Braveness

    Let yourself be led through a time in which it is important to keep your courage and not to give up. A very emotional piece played by a piano and an orchestra.

  • One More Time

    A gripping piano melody, a large orchestra and electronic influences build this song up and lead into an epic, powerful finale.

  • Speechless

    The main instrument of this quiet song is the piano. Spherical synthesizers, orchestral elements and a slow groove complete the piece, creating a special and relaxed atmosphere.

  • On My Own

    This song is melancholic but still creates a sense of confidence. The main instruments, piano and guitar, are supported by percussions, a strong groove and subtle choirs.

  • Angels

    A calm and very atmospheric piece. Both piano and a wonderful female voice play the main role and are supported by a strong beat.


  • Iceland Pt.2-Freedom

    This piece will make you dream and gives you a sense of freedom. Piano, strings and an elfin melody form the musical basis.

  • Fall

    This song promises a sense of freedom: orchestral, with electronic influences and an enchanting female vocal voice.

  • The New Place

    This piece has a lot to offer. Wonderful piano melodies, moving strings and a grand finale with drums, brass and choir. Concise are also the elven text phrases.