About us

A thrilling movie, a gripping video game, an engaging commercial or a stunning multimedia show, they all have something in common! Without the appropriate background music something would be missing. The right music at the right time ignites the fire of emotions.

FIRECREST-MUSIC has set itself exactly this goal. Awaken emotions and create the right sonic atmosphere.

We are FIRECREST Music:

Jens Silz is not only founder of Firecrest-Music, but also the main composer and producer.
From his earliest childhood, his interest and his passion for music is valid. As instruments he chose guitar and piano. But especially the rhythm is his passion.

After an intensive study, he has been working as a professional drummer throughout Europe for many years. And it is precisely this component that gives his compositions their very own magic and variety.

He loves what he does … and you can hear it!

The second man behind Firecrest Music is Jens’ brother André Silz.

As a business computer scientist he takes care of most of the technical and commercial processes in the background. He also likes to be active in the fields of photography, image processing and video production.

Especially when it comes to setting the music of his brother with the appropriate visual material, the synergy between the two becomes clearly visible.